How Will You Choose to Participate in this Life?

This week’s quote reminds us once again to embrace the eternal present moment. It is something of a paradox to think on, but entirely natural and simple to experience…

Read the quote and full post, “Life: Choosing to be an Active Participant” at our main site!


Tango: More than Just a Dance

A little over 2 years ago I fell victim to a serious addiction: Argentine Tango.  Since that time I’ve been studying, teaching, and generally nerding out on everything Tango. The longer I dance the more certain I am of one simple truth: Tango is Life. Read more about tango and human connection at Urban Spiritual. 

Choosing the Path of the Hero with Joseph Campbell


For those of you who wanted to know more about the “Quote of the Week: Follow Your Bliss,” this video and post is a brief, but more in depth look at the hero’s journey and following your bliss…Watch and read more on following your bliss at the new Urban Spiritual!

Unencumbered with Duties and Doing without Doing



Lately, I’ve been mulling over the Taoist concept of “doing without doing.” In my experience, when most people hear those words, either a puzzled look descends upon their faces or they completely reject the idea, and understandably so. If we think too much about it, we end up hitting dead ends in every direction…Keep reading at the new Urban Spiritual!

The Art of Constructive Argument (Couples, Pay Attention!)


In lieu of my traditional Poet’s Pad post, today I have the honor of having one of my posts appear on a fantastic site called HighExistence! Here is a teaser, so click the link to continue reading!

Within the animal kingdom, if you’re a lion, and another lion encroaches on your territory, you roar and growl to let the other guy know this is your space. Testing the water, he roars and growls right back at you. Often, after a series of traded threats, the outsider will stand down, and the argument dissipates. Occasionally, the other lion does not back off and a bloody fight ensues until one is mortally injured or submits. Sound familiar? How often do we argue with our significant others, our siblings, our parents, our friends with the overwhelming need to be right, to be the victor? And what’s wrong with that? Well, wrong is a matter of perspective, but I will say that we are not lions…most of us, anyway…Keep reading at HighExistence!