Choosing the Path of the Hero with Joseph Campbell


For those of you who wanted to know more about the “Quote of the Week: Follow Your Bliss,” this video and post is a brief, but more in depth look at the hero’s journey and following your bliss…Watch and read more on following your bliss at the new Urban Spiritual!


The Fleeting Self-Image


Many spiritual paths teach that to cling is to feel pain. Moreover, sometimes we hold onto things, events, and people even though we know it hurts.  The question is, why? Who would knowingly cause themselves pain?…Read the post by a special guest writer at the new Urban Spiritual!

Happiness Debunked and Finding Your Bliss


The U.S. Declaration of Independence states that all humans have “unalienable rights” to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” Therein lies one of humanity’s greatest flaws: the notion of pursuing happiness. Why the pursuit of happiness and not simply happiness? It is a popular belief amongst humans that happiness is hard to come by. Remember that: a belief. Not a fact. Let’s break this down, shall we?

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By Terence Stone

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City Living: Finding Stillness Beneath the Maelstrom

FortTryonKatePhoto by Kate Moran

By guest-writer Kate Moran

Sunday, 3/10/13
(Recorded in real time and then transcribed)

I’ve been going about it all the wrong way. I’ve been thinking about what to write for days. I wanted it to be thoughtful, important, and impactful –something worth reading. I’ve been thinking about emotions and events and how we as humans can continue living in the fullest, most fulfilling way. And needless to say, I’ve been struggling to make the words come. I now see I’ve been going about it all wrong…

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Meditation: A Way to Live

We must never forget that seated meditation itself is not the game. It’s the practice. The game in which those basic skills are to be applied is the rest of one’s experiential existence. Meditation that is not applied to daily life is sterile and limited.” ~Bhante Henepola Gunaratana, from Mindfulness in Plain English

I’ve spoken about the deterrents that cause people from taking up meditation before. Probably the most common reason is because many have a lack of fundamental understanding of the subject and hence do not see its purpose…

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There are no limits. There are only plateaus.


Pushing past your own self-held limits is another way to break into the eternal present. The unconscious mind and ego would have many enslaved, believing that they are capable of only so much. It is an instinctual defense mechanism

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A Call to Jedi-ism: The Force that Binds Us

By guest-writer Christina Stone


“Every atom you possess has almost certainly passed through several stars and been part of millions of organisms on its way to becoming you. We are each so atomically numerous and so vigorously recycled at death that a significant number of our atoms – up to a billion for each of us, it has been suggested – probably once belonged to Shakespeare.  A billion more each came from Buddha and Genghis Khan and Beethoven, and any other historical figure you care to name. So we are all reincarnations – though short-lived ones. When we die our atoms will disassemble and move off to find new uses elsewhere – as part of a leaf or other human being or drop of dew.”

– A Short History of Nearly Everything, by Bill Bryson

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A word (or two) on Fear

I’d like to thank everyone who has come to read or at least skimmed through the articles here at Urban Spiritual this past week and a half. Even though we’ve just started, the response has been overwhelming. This blog is something I’ve wanted to create for a while now and it was only fear that kept me from doing so…

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