Why You Don’t Feel Happy


I’ve always been a deep thinker and a worrier. As such, my demeanor appears to be very stoic at times. When I was younger I used to get annoyed when people would tell me to relax or lighten up. But the worst thing someone could say to me was, “You should smile more,” or “Smile!” I always thought to myself, just because I’m not smiling doesn’t mean I’m unhappy…but it didn’t mean I was happy either. So what did it mean? Read more on why we don’t feel happy at our main site!


City Living: Honest Connection


For many city-dwellers, the high cost of living combined with the sometimes frantic need to stand out and be somebody results in a fast paced hustle that doesn’t give us much time to breathe. In fact, if we fail to make plans to unwind, chances are it either doesn’t happen or it occurs inevitably when we crash…Keep Reading at the new Urban Spiritual!

City Tip #1: Observe a Stranger


If you live in a big city, you probably know the term ‘people watching.’ It’s a very natural part of living in close proximity with thousands of other human beings. Sometimes we observe others out of curiosity, other times out of fear, and most often out of judgement (which is a veiled type of fear)…Read the full article at the new Urban Spiritual!

Human Connection in the City

HumanConnectionGuest post by Kate Moran.

I was contemplating the current state of humanity as I nonchalantly passed by a homeless man sleeping on a dirty sheet of cardboard on the sidewalk. The indifference I felt as I made my way to the train after a long 10-hour day at work was familiar and comfortable. It’s easy not to connect…Read the full article at the new Urban Spiritual!


City Life: 5 Ways to Increase Your Sense of Self



If you live or work in a big city, you’ll understand when I say that it can get lonely. Cities seem to have a life of their own—the constant hustle and bustle to which everyone is subjected. Sometimes it’s easy to feel lost in the masses; just another speck on the urban canvas…Keep reading at the new Urban Spiritual!

City Living: Finding Stillness Beneath the Maelstrom

FortTryonKatePhoto by Kate Moran

By guest-writer Kate Moran

Sunday, 3/10/13
(Recorded in real time and then transcribed)

I’ve been going about it all the wrong way. I’ve been thinking about what to write for days. I wanted it to be thoughtful, important, and impactful –something worth reading. I’ve been thinking about emotions and events and how we as humans can continue living in the fullest, most fulfilling way. And needless to say, I’ve been struggling to make the words come. I now see I’ve been going about it all wrong…

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