Meditation, the Christian Way

I suppose it depends on who is reading this passage, but the way I see it, Jesus was telling his followers to be mindful. He urges us to find the silence within ourselves in the face of God, because in the light of the divine we see our truest self. In turn, we see the true nature of God, the true nature of our reality, and draw near the mind of Christ as the apostle Paul so aptly stated…

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Becoming a Mind Mechanic

“The Buddha’s last words instructed us to be heedful—to see our actions as important and to keep that importance in mind at all times.” –Thanissaro Bhikkhu, Meditations

The flickering mind

Most people who are vaguely familiar with the teachings believe that Buddhism is simply a religious form of nihilism (what a contradiction that would be). Before I began studying the buddha-dharma, I remember hearing about the concept of nirvana (or nibbāna ) and thinking how dismal it sounded. Most westerners understand nirvana as nothingness. It is half true, but we must remember that even nothingness is something.

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The Key to Facing Anxiety

AbyssPhoto by Mangojuicy

Recently a reader wrote me a very heartfelt and poignant email to which I gladly responded. Of course, it was good food for thought and I ended up writing a lengthier response than I had intended. So I thought why not make it into an article. I think there are a few things worth thinking about…

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The Joys of Loving-Kindness


Introducing Lovingkindness into My Life

I sit down to meditate every morning for 30 minutes to an hour as time and will permit. Meditation is the staple of my day. If perchance I miss a sitting, which doesn’t happen often, my day feels incomplete. More than that, however, is the awareness that I have to work much harder to connect with others throughout the day than if I had taken the time to sit. I believe there are two reasons for this…

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Using the Law of Attraction Skillfully


A few weeks ago, a reader asked me to address the law of attraction as it relates to cultivating presence. Most people are familiar with this ‘law’ as it has been popularized in recent years by films and books like The Secret…Understand that I’m not saying it doesn’t work and I do not wish to deter anyone who wants to try or already successfully uses the law of attraction. But I do believe this tool needs to be implemented within a structured wellness practice that includes other such tools if it is to be used skillfully…

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The Follow-up to ‘8 Habits You Should Cut Out of Your Life Now”


Last week, I presented a list of 8 bad habits. The post received an overwhelmingly positive response, but some of our readers wanted more. They said, “OK, I get that I shouldn’t do those things, but that’s easier said than done.” And I agree completely…

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Why You Don’t Feel Happy


I’ve always been a deep thinker and a worrier. As such, my demeanor appears to be very stoic at times. When I was younger I used to get annoyed when people would tell me to relax or lighten up. But the worst thing someone could say to me was, “You should smile more,” or “Smile!” I always thought to myself, just because I’m not smiling doesn’t mean I’m unhappy…but it didn’t mean I was happy either. So what did it mean? Read more on why we don’t feel happy at our main site!