Things to Think About When Pursuing a Meditation Instructor

This is a question that has popped up more than a few times in the last few months as I’ve scoured the web for other sites like mine, participated in forums, and responded to general inquiries sent to me via Urban Spiritual. From what I can tell, it spurns a lot of debate in the virtual world. My opinion? Yes, no, and it depends.

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Meditation, the Christian Way

I suppose it depends on who is reading this passage, but the way I see it, Jesus was telling his followers to be mindful. He urges us to find the silence within ourselves in the face of God, because in the light of the divine we see our truest self. In turn, we see the true nature of God, the true nature of our reality, and draw near the mind of Christ as the apostle Paul so aptly stated…

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Getting Inside the Concept of ‘Just Do It’

On Tuesday, I discussed the importance of intention and the necessity of mindfulness in realizing clear intentions. Today, I’d like to speak about the importance of effort in achieving our goals within our mindfulness practices and in daily life.

Effort and intention really need to be at the core of anything we do that we believe is worth doing. I would argue that the two go hand in hand. You cannot really have one without the other. And you cannot clarify either without mindfulness. We use platitudes like ‘just do it’ or ‘do what you’ve gotta do.’ Of course, in essence, they are useful messages, but what do they actually entail?…

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Should We Let the Current Take Us?

I’ve chosen this week’s quote in preparation for the Week of Mindfulness hosted by the Living+ community on Google+ with which I am directly involved as an ‘expert’ (though I’d really consider myself more of a student and seeker). I’ll be a part of a Hangout on Air (a live web broadcast) focused on intention and mindfulness this Monday, the 19th hosted by Mallika Chopra from The Chopra Well.  Click here if you are interested in attending!

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Becoming a Mind Mechanic

“The Buddha’s last words instructed us to be heedful—to see our actions as important and to keep that importance in mind at all times.” –Thanissaro Bhikkhu, Meditations

The flickering mind

Most people who are vaguely familiar with the teachings believe that Buddhism is simply a religious form of nihilism (what a contradiction that would be). Before I began studying the buddha-dharma, I remember hearing about the concept of nirvana (or nibbāna ) and thinking how dismal it sounded. Most westerners understand nirvana as nothingness. It is half true, but we must remember that even nothingness is something.

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The Joys of Loving-Kindness


Introducing Lovingkindness into My Life

I sit down to meditate every morning for 30 minutes to an hour as time and will permit. Meditation is the staple of my day. If perchance I miss a sitting, which doesn’t happen often, my day feels incomplete. More than that, however, is the awareness that I have to work much harder to connect with others throughout the day than if I had taken the time to sit. I believe there are two reasons for this…

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Introduction to Buddhist Doctrine


The Buddha taught that there are three marks of existence: impermanence (anicca), suffering (dukkha), and selflessness (anatta). All three of these marks are of paramount importance. However, one of these marks in particular is regarded within the central doctrine of all sects of Buddhism…

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Jesus vs. Buddha on Forgiveness


Now, the title is a tad misleading (but compelling, no?). Understand, it is not my aim to put these two wisest of teachers at odds. On the contrary, I seek to make a sound comparison between the two. Whether or not I succeed will be entirely up to you…Continue reading the post on forgiveness at the new Urban Spiritual!