Introduction to Buddhist Doctrine


The Buddha taught that there are three marks of existence: impermanence (anicca), suffering (dukkha), and selflessness (anatta). All three of these marks are of paramount importance. However, one of these marks in particular is regarded within the central doctrine of all sects of Buddhism…

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Happiness Debunked and Finding Your Bliss


The U.S. Declaration of Independence states that all humans have “unalienable rights” to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” Therein lies one of humanity’s greatest flaws: the notion of pursuing happiness. Why the pursuit of happiness and not simply happiness? It is a popular belief amongst humans that happiness is hard to come by. Remember that: a belief. Not a fact. Let’s break this down, shall we?

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By Terence Stone

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Meditation: A Way to Live

We must never forget that seated meditation itself is not the game. It’s the practice. The game in which those basic skills are to be applied is the rest of one’s experiential existence. Meditation that is not applied to daily life is sterile and limited.” ~Bhante Henepola Gunaratana, from Mindfulness in Plain English

I’ve spoken about the deterrents that cause people from taking up meditation before. Probably the most common reason is because many have a lack of fundamental understanding of the subject and hence do not see its purpose…

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Forgiveness: It’s About You

forgivenessArtist Unknown

The story goes that the Buddha was sitting under a tree (as he did) with his monks when a man approached and spit on Buddha’s face. He wiped it away and said to the man without anger or offense, “what next?” The man left deeply disturbed; as he was use to receiving inflammatory responses when insulting another. He spent the night agonizing in confusion over the day’s event. In the morning the man returned to the Buddha, threw himself at the holy teacher’s feet and begged forgiveness…

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By Terence Stone

Monday Meditation: The Secrets of OM

A Little Background

Om (or AUM) is an ancient and sacred Sanskrit sound of Hindu origin. The story goes that just prior to the beginning of all existence, Brahman (God) was one and decided to divide and multiply. This event caused a cosmic vibration. Expressed as sound, that vibration is Om. When we chant or feel or meditate upon this vibration, we are aligning ourselves with the instant of creation. It is no wonder that this syllable has the power to thrust one completely into the present moment…

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Realizing the Divine Within: embracing presence


Artist: unknown

Have you ever experienced a moment of complete clarity? When everything made sense, every action, every person, every object seemed exactly as it should be? It’s a strange feeling, seemingly paradoxical, but incredibly rapturous. Some describe the quality as surreal. In actuality, it is an intense alignment with the now, the eternal present, or ‘what is.’ In that moment you are no longer, man or woman, husband or wife, father, son, mother, daughter. You simply are…

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