Reblog: Are We Living in A Golden Era of Civilization?

“Who isn’t in love with a fantasy?

We all romanticize, idealize, fantasize – whatever you want to call it. One might argue that the “ideals” we have are the mechanism that drives the human will; we live to follow our dreams – the highest goals we can set.”

Read more from my very talented friend, Joe Marinelli, a wonderful writer, thinker, musician, and photographer.


Tired of Hanging onto the Pains of Yesterday


His lyrics are poignant, his voice is smooth as chocolate, and his guitar strumming mixed with those vocals can be folksy, bluesy, and soulful separately or all at once…Listen to the song and read the post at the new Urban Spiritual

Dealing with Creative Block

CreativeBlockSo you’re just not feeling that monologue or aria? Every note you play sounds hollow and meaningless? The words you write are lies—shallow and deceitful? If you sounded a fervent YES to any of those, then you are most certainly an artist. We have a flare for the dramatic…Keep reading at the new Urban Spiritual!

Poets Pad: Light and Shadow, Part 2


Last week I gave you the first piece I wrote for a creative writing class I’m currently taking at the Rubin Museum of Art. Below is the second installment. It is the same story from a different character’s point of view. So, really not the same story at all. If you haven’t read the first part, I would strongly suggest you do so before reading this. Wishing you a wondrous friday. Enjoy…Read the story and poem at the new Urban Spiritual!

Poet’s Pad: Light and Shadow

psychedelicwaterI stand here clinging to the dark little door to my dark little shack. A few days ago a door appeared beyond the courtyard. Nothing terribly unusual. Doors and windows appear here and there every now and then. This door is different. It emits a strange light, which has done something to the grass in the courtyard; something I have never seen…Keep Reading at the new Urban Spiritual!

A Foray into the East


Recently, my wife surprised me with a visit to the Rubin Museum of Art in lower Manhattan. I (a bit shamefully) had never heard of or been to the museum in my almost eight years as a New Yorker, but WOW, what a diamond in the rough…Keep Reading at the new Urban Spiritual!

Artist’s Contemplation: ‘Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity’ at the Met

MonetLuncheonLuncheon on the Grass, Claude Monet

As I walk through the new exhibit at the Met, I’m immediately drawn in by the paintings of Manet, Monet, Renoir, Tissot and the rest. The appeal of this particular exhibit lies in its paradoxical nature. There is the clash of the subject matter’s seeming frivolity with an incredible depth of artistic expression…

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Artist’s Contemplation: Finding the Moment

I once attended a master-class taught by a very renowned opera singer. When he began taking questions from the audience, someone asked him, “What is it about performing that you love?” He thought for a long moment. Finally, he explained that it was very hard to articulate because he didn’t believe words did the feeling justice. Nevertheless he went on to say something like this, “It’s that one moment…

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Artist’s Contemplation: The Selfish Artist, A Bridge to the Soul

By guest-writer Christina Stone

“Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.” – Stella Adler

Rejection.  All artists must deal with it.  All humans must deal with it.  My idea isn’t good enough, I don’t make enough money, I’m under qualified, I’m over qualified, I’m not the right type, I’m not cool enough, I’m not good enough.  For artists I venture to say that rejection comes much more frequently and can be exponentially more devastating.

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Artist’s Contemplation: Walls


The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall

By guest artist/writer, Joe Marinelli

I took this picture of the Berlin Wall nearly two years ago while studying abroad during the second half of my junior year. I didn’t think much of it at the time – if I recall correctly, I shot this in the middle of an exhaustive walking tour of the city, which crammed the best of Berlin into a ten-hour tour.

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